A leading entity in the fields of MINING, BLASTING & GEOLOGY. The Company expertise is gained from its highly qualified & experienced Human Resources. Based on this expertise it has acquired a distinguished position in the Mining market in Egypt and the MENA Region. The Company provides its Clients with various Mining services that include & not limited to; Quarry Management, Geological Studies, professional Blasting and Other Technical Services


*Mining of Raw Materials, Cutting & Preparation

*Management & operation of cement quarries in KSA & abroad.

*Survey of the operation & feasibility of current mines & restoration of equipment’s & instruments

*Developing plans for quarries’ operations.

*Supply factories (cement, glass, blocks, gypsum, ceramics, iron & sugar) with essential raw materials (Limestone – Clay – Sand – Gypsum).

*Raw material handling through screening, preparing of different mixes & packaging.

*Advanced technological instruments to increase production efficiency.

*Roads construction work to enable accessibility of quarries & mines.

Geological Research

Full Geological Investigation Program:

▪Field prospecting

▪Geological mapping

▪ Structural geology

▪ Research work

▪ Preliminary, overall and detailed raw material investigations

▪ Application of “SURPAC”

Complete Geotechnical Investigations:

▪ Drilling (Core and Rotary)

▪ Standard Penetration Test (SPT)

▪ Geophysical measurements (Seismic and Electric)

▪ Pressure-meter tests

▪  Laboratory tests (for soils and rocks)

▪ Evaluation and reporting

Geophysical Studies:

▪ Refraction Seismic

▪ Geo-electric Vertical Electric Sounding “VES”