FABCO Machinery act as the main support for all company’s internal and external clients and is considered to provide logistic services for projects including planning, transportation, and maintenance specially designed to meet customer needs. FABCO fleet has the latest equipment and machines such as trucks, tankers, heavy equipment and machine for rock mining and other related equipment that supports the unit.


  • Excavator
  • Tail Trailer
  • Water and Fuel Truck
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Concrete Pump
  • Wheel Loader
  • Generator
  • Head Trailer
  • Bulker Truck
  • Boom Truck
  • Small Vehicles
  • Forklift

Main Workshop

It provides a place for the daily servicing and periodic repair and overhaul of machinery, for initial assembly of equipment, and for the modification of equipment to fit specifically in job sites needs.

A supporting workshop for any breakdown occurred in the road. Mobile workshop performs changing tires, pumping air for tires and handling any minor repair in order to maintain the workflow of vehicle and equipment.

Transportation and logistics

At  FABCO  Machinery, the company have built a reputation of reliability in transportation of construction materials and products locally due to our professional approach, competitive pricing and large network. The company is committed for providing safe and dependable transportation services to meet:

  • Prompt and positive response
  • Team performance
  • On time delivery

Maintenance and Repair

FABCO Machinery owns hundreds of equipment ranging from small equipment, small vehicle, trucks to heavy equipment. FABCO machinery fleet consists of the most sophisticated  and modern machines to full the requirements of the customer’s daily needs with quality. The company motive is not only to provide the customers with best available equipment but also to ensure that it performs beyond their expectations.

Rental Operations

Operation section works in junction with maintenance section to support the customers / clients to the optimum level of their satisfaction. The operations ensure that our customers / clients acquire the best service in terms of Equipment / Vehicle and operators / drivers.