FABCO Industry is a Saudi investment company. Its main objective is to cover the Saudi market from Ready mix concrete and cement products and become one of the leading company in this field.

FABCO Industry is one of the branches of a biggest contracting company in the kingdom and based on the potential market growth in Saudi Arabia, the company has decided to open ready mix concrete plant and cement product plant.

The main activity of these plants is to supply concrete with high quality standard equivalent to the engineering specification for projects.

FABCO Industry is supplying concrete and cement products to the biggest projects (Private – Government) from two (2) plans working in Malham closed to Riyadh city to achieve customer requirement with high international – GCC – Saudi specifications.

The company owns a modernist station concrete mixers, mobile concrete mixers and utilities – service equipment from renowned brand names. With this, FABCO can provide all services to customers in easy way at any time in any location along with technical support qualified engineers.

FABCO Industry also owns a laboratory with highest technological standards comprising with modern laboratory tools for customer’s concrete requirements testing.