EXCEER Program – FABCO System

Utilizing system program in any company contributes an essential role in the organization. It helps the work easier, organized, standardized and controlled in any aspect of works in the company. As part of FABCO development, the company has decided to acquire a system that aims to achieve such benefits. On June 13, 2017, after numerous service providers presented their products, our CEO Mr. Nasser Almugbel finalized and signed the contract with XCEER company.

XCEER service encompasses modules in HR, Finance, Procurement & stores, Industry, Mining, Machinery, Contract Management & Real Estate. This project is currently on-going with the supervision of FABCO Solutions Head of Sector Mr. Ali Alshiekh assigned as Project Manager of the committee. Meetings, discussions and brain storming are continuously on process as part of data collection and integration.

Implementation of XCEER program is expected to commence on 4th of March 2018.